Croix-Rouge Franaise


Under the different headings you will find the axes of thought and action for the development and reinforcement of prevention measures and reflexes to adopt in case of crisis.

 This advice is meant essentially for small and medium businesses which are not always at ease of conforming to international safety and security norms and to their evaluation (due to a lack of financial or human resources). And this, thought it gets hard for a company to override certain safety and security rules; on one hand, because this is legislatively imposed, and if the company is not conform risks being prosecuted; on the other because in case of a disaster, the elements at risk, the economic, social, and law costs can put the survival of the company at risk.


  • Alert:
    • How to interpret an alert?
    • How to give an alert?
  • Prepare:
    • How to prepare to face an emergency situation (from an everyday accident to a major disaster)
  • Everyday accident:
    • How to prevent and respond to a work accident
  • Major accidents:
    • How to prepare and respond to a disaster
  • Training:
    • Training courses to experience and test the company’s emergency plans and their applications.