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Find out how to be prepared for an emergency situation. How can you protect yourself and those around you if you're involved in an accident or a disaster? Follow the links on this page to


  • get clear advice on preparing for accidents and disasters
  • learn how to respond quickly and efficiently
  • find out about lifesaving procedures that you'll be able to remember if you need to use them

 Alarm signals:

  • How to interpret an alarm signal and what to do. 
  • How to raise the alarm and what to do  while waiting for help.    

Be prepared:  

  • How to prepare yourself to deal with an emergency situation (a household accident or a major disaster). 

Daily accidents: 

  • How to avoid some  of the potential accidents of daily life and how to reduce their impact. 
  • What to do when an accident happens. 

Major accidents: 

  • What is a major accident? 
  • What should you do when the alarm is raised? 
  •  How to reduce the impact of such an event? 


  • What training should you have in order to be well prepared for an emergency situation? 
  • Where is training available in first aid?